The Migration came early this year and we’ve been having some fantastic sightings.

Douglas and Wilson both sent in some fantastic videos and photos of their most recent Mara River crossings. It truly is one of the ‘greatest shows on earth’!

The best time to visit the Masai Mara for this famous spectacle is between July/ early August and the end of November although due to varying rainfall patterns, the exact timing varies from year to year. Some years, the rains might be early and the wildebeest disappear more quickly; at other times, late rain means you will still find ‘stragglers’ (the last of the migrating wildebeest) hanging out on the Masai Mara with the ‘residents’ (those wildebeest who stay put year-round and don’t migrate at all).

This year they did come a bit early, we were getting the first few coming through in mid June.


If you’ve never seen the migration before it’s time to add it to your ‘Bucket List’ and come on over!

All the best,
The Cottar’s Team